3 Ways Selling Your Home in Bakersfield Has Changed Since COVID-19

The real estate market in Bakersfield has evolved significantly due to COVID-19. As you prepare to sell your home, it is crucial to be aware of the impact these changes may have on your sale. Let’s delve into three ways in which selling your home in Bakersfield has been influenced by the ongoing pandemic.

Home Based Lifestyle

In today’s real estate market in Bakersfield, buyers are placing a higher emphasis on spending more time at home, which means they are looking for properties that offer spaces for a home office, workouts, schooling, or outdoor family activities. If your home is lacking in these areas, it might be time to consider remodeling to increase your potential profit on the sale. As professional real estate agents, our team at We Buy Houses Bakersfield is here to help guide you through the process and maximize the value of your property. Whether you decide to make upgrades or not, we offer options such as selling your home as-is to us, where we act as investors, or exploring a hybrid sale where we partner with you to make improvements and share the profits fairly. With We Buy Houses Bakersfield, you have the flexibility to choose the best option for your situation, all while benefiting from our expertise in the real estate market. Let us help you achieve top dollar for your listing and make the most out of selling your home in Bakersfield.

Virtual Marketing

At We Buy Houses Bakersfield, our team of professionals understands the changing landscape of selling homes in Bakersfield as a result of COVID-19. We recognize the importance of utilizing top-notch marketing techniques, such as professional virtual tours and high-quality digital imagery, to stand out in today’s competitive online market. Our hybrid agents are well-versed in the latest technology and know that hiring a professional stager can make a significant difference in the final sales price of your home. When you work with We Buy Houses Bakersfield, our agent investors will provide you with a detailed analysis of your expenses and potential profits through a direct sale, comparing it to your current market value. Rest assured that when you choose We Buy Houses Bakersfield, you will receive a fair offer from our agent investors without any commissions or hidden fees. Trust us to leverage technology and industry expertise to help you maximize your profits in today’s real estate market.

Post Showing Cleanings

At We Buy Houses Bakersfield, we understand the importance of post-showing disinfecting procedures in today’s real estate market in Bakersfield. As professional real estate agents, our team is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients during property showings. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that we will take every necessary precaution to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Unlike traditional real estate agents, our hybrid agents at We Buy Houses Bakersfield offer a unique advantage by also serving as investors. This means that you won’t have to worry about the hassle of preparing your home for showings or dealing with cleaning protocols. With us, you can sell your home with peace of mind knowing that we have your best interests at heart.

Our team of hybrid agents at We Buy Houses Bakersfield specializes in navigating the changing landscape of selling homes in Bakersfield post-COVID-19. We are committed to ensuring that you walk away from the deal feeling satisfied long after the closing. With a full-service in-house team of industry experts, we make the selling process quick, easy, and convenient for you. We Buy Houses Bakersfield provides a comprehensive solution for every seller and every type of home. Looking for a guaranteed closing in days? Consider selling directly to our hybrid agents who act as investors. You can also discuss a more convenient closing date with your hybrid agent investor at We Buy Houses Bakersfield. For those looking to maximize their profits, selling your home in Bakersfield through one of our hybrid agents who also serves as a real estate agent is the answer. Contact We Buy Houses Bakersfield at (661) 282-0217 to get started on your home selling journey today.

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